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The fact that you are reading this means either you or someone you know has health problems which could range from a simple short term mobility issue such as a hip replacement to end of life care avoiding the acute hospital setting.

The care bed often referred to as a nursing bed can give more comfort, is easier to operate and can be an attractive piece of furniture in its own right in comparison to a pre-used hospital bed from the community loan store.

Our Classic Care Bed


By far our most popular nursing bed.
Head and foot end actuators are enclosed in the beautifully finished beech effect head and foot end panels.
The matching cot sides are functional in the raised position and when lowered give the appearance of a wooden bed frame.
Easy to operate, fully height adjustable and fully profiling. Exceptionally good price.

Home Style Adjustable Beds



  • The advantages are appearance.
  • Choice of colours
  • Option of headboards if required.
  • Option of storage drawers if required.
  • Deeper 8” (20cm) mattresses than nursing care beds giving more comfort.
  • Available as two adjustable beds linked side by side.
  • Should you want one or both beds to be height adjustable beds a more specialized mechanism is used. This adds to the price making it slightly more expensive than our nursing care beds.

Bariatric Care Bed

Our nursing beds are solidly built for a safe working load of 175kg, Take off the mattress and consider someone’s weight may fluctuate. 160kg (25 stone)

If the bed is intended for someone over this weight then you will need our bariatric bed and possibly our bariatric mattress which also has a weight guide of up to 250kg (40 stone)


Why do you want a height adjustable bed?

So many nurses and carers suffer with back problems as a result of lifting and turning patients. If a professional care worker is employed lifting and handling regulations need to be observed. It is not just for professional carers but anyone giving care. Simply press the button and the bed will rise to a height that is comfortable and safe for you to tend to a patient, friend or relative.

All of our adjustable beds and nursing care beds are also fully profiling. That means that using the handset you can raise the head end to the desired position for comfort, reading, watching TV etc. Raising the foot end is also important for circulation and also has a cradling effect reducing pressure on the lower back and also preventing sliding to the foot end of the bed.


Our lowest priced nursing care bed (Also Low Entry)


Not so good looking but saving £50 is our economy Low entry nursing bed. Not supplied with cot sides it must always be put in the lowest position for sleeping and must be used in combination with a safety floor mat. This bed comes into its own for price if you do require a low entry care bed.


Optional Accessories


Safety Floor Mats

Essential for use with the ‘Economy low Bed’

Length Extension Kit

If a standard 6’6” (2m) length is a is a little short the bed extension and mattress infill will increase the bed length to 7’2” (2.2m) Complete with longer side rails.

Patient Pole

Allows a patient to reposition themselves when laying or sitting on the nursing bed. Also known as a patient helper or monkey pole.

Height Extension Cot Side Rails

If a thicker than 6” (15cm) mattress is used or there is a higher risk that a patient may try to climb the standard height side rail. Easy to fit.

Increases the height of the side rail by 7 ¼” (18.5cm)

Available in either full or ¾ length (Supplied in pairs)

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