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Do I Need A Low Entry Care Bed?

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What is a low entry care bed and do I need one?

My Gran is a good example of a patient that could have benefited from a low entry nursing bed. Neglected in hospital she tried to climb the cot side to get water. She fell and broke her arm and hip. Being so frail this led to more complications which she did not recover from. Other patients may wake to find themselves encaged by the wooden side rails, confusion leads to panic and an attempt to climb the side rails. Risk assessments carried out conclude that in certain risk situations it may be far safer to use the bed in a very low sleeping position. Do not use the cot sides but instead place a safety floor mat beside the bed. If the user rolls or falls out of bed hopefully the height is so small that no harm is done.

classicnursingcarebed-300x300 economylowentrynursingbed-300x300

Shown in the two images is the difference between the ‘Classic nursing care bed’ which has a height adjustment of 40cm – 80cm (15 ¾” – 31 ½”) from the floor to the bottom of the mattress.

All three of our low entry nursing beds have a height adjustment of 23cm – 63cm (9” – 24 ¾”)
A full 6 ¾” lower.

A pressure relieving mattress will be added but in reality as a patient would roll to the edge of the nursing care mattress it will compress to the point that its own height is negligible.

A Safety Floor Mat must be used with a low entry nursing bed.
Reducing the height of the fall and cushioning the fall. We have two options available, one flat and one folding for easy storage.
Every one of our care beds is a height adjustable bed
lifting and handling regulations need to be observed when professional care givers are employed. Even if you are caring for somebody yourself it is advisable to have a height adjustable bed to save straining your back. The easy to use handset will raise the nursing bed to a height that is comfortable and safe.

All of our adjustable beds and nursing care beds are also fully profiling
The same handset will control the head end to the correct position for the best sleeping position or for reading and watching TV. It is also important to be able to control the foot end to help with poor circulation. The cradling effect reduces pressure on the lower back and prevents slipping to the bottom of the bed.

We have a range of three low entry nursing care beds. Click here to view.

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February 5th, 2013 at 1:24 pm

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